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Default Re: Midi Beat Clock issue

Originally Posted by chrisjco View Post

Using midi beat clock in protools 12.5 to sync with a Korg minilogue via usb or midi the clock is skipping or adding time around the 5th beat.
Have proven itís a pt issue as no problems in logic via same setting and cables.

Iíve tried it with and without delay compensation for midi devices so I know itís not that.

Iíve looked at and adjusted the offset for the beat clock for the minilogue output and seen/heard no change.

Previous sync with other synths and earlier pt versions have been fine.

Any pointers much appreciated
Just a thought, but does the Korg have a setting to choose what DAW you're using? I know on my Yamaha Motif XS I have an option to set the DAW. While PT isn't one of the options, I found that it works best with the Sonar option selected. If you have such an option, you might try changing that. Each DAW might work a bit differently where MIDI clock data is concerned, and the DAW selections might compensate for that.

Just an thought...
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