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Default Re: Bug in new video engine 2019.10

Originally Posted by Meads View Post
I've been putting the new engine through its paces the past couple days and noticed some weird behavior I hadn't seen with the old engine.
Sometimes when I hit stop and play the video plays back in a random loop while the playhead continues through the session normally.
I haven't yet been able to pinpoint a certain trigger for that, but it happens with newly build sessions in 2019.10 as well as with older sessions.
My video files are always ProRes 422 (Proxy), nothing in my setup changed except for the upgraded PT install. Same drives playback the same files in the same sessions.
Never had this issue before.
I also use ProRes proxy (with an AJA T-Tap) and saw this last night, but it was while I was toggling the Weiss plug-in pref for OpenGL graphics. As soon as I said yes to OpenGL and rebooted, all was good. Or maybe this was coincidence.

Video has been fine for me today.
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