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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate / HD Reinstatement?

Avid should/must continue to offer Reinstatement plans for those that have let their perpetual licenses expire. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having/ever purchased a perpetual license beyond cheaper yearly upgrade plans.

I've said this from the beginning. Avid is KILLING themselves with their ridiculously high reinstatement fees. I've seen this happen to students at schools over and over again:

1. Student purchases a perpetual education license for around $300.
2. Student lets the upgrade plan lapse.
3. Realizes they need the latest version and is sticker shocked to see they are going to be charged another $300 to get the latest version (through the reinstatement fee). Is upset and unhappy.
4. Buys Logic for $199.

Avid repels people away who let their plans lapse. If Avid doesn't want people to let their plans lapse, then continue to make your product great focusing on highly requested features to the point that people are so excited about the new features, they want to be able to get the latest updates the day they are released. Keep the yearly update plan the same whether it has lapsed or not. Consider offering a 10% discount to the faithful people who don't let their upgrade plan expire.

I know, I know... It seems super nice to your user base... But I guarantee in the long run, it will make more money, leave more of your users happy and change the marketing demeanor from punishing everyone who doesn't own up, to rewarding all of those who want to be faithful supporters of Avid.
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