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Default Re: Avid Core Audio with HDX/HD Native on Yosemite/later Mac OS

Originally Posted by steins View Post
Why is that the way it should be? I for one would like to use Spotify, SoundMiner and Pro Tools at the same time using the Omni HD output. As I can do now with PT HDN 12.5.2 and the new HD 12.7.1 driver, but not with Pro Tools 12.7 and HD 12.7.1 driver on my HDX system.

BTW, Avid lists this under "Known issues". Things defined as an issue implies a fix sometimes in the future, doesn't it?

Stein Tore
My Bad then Stein,

But let me understand.

You can have Pro tools HD software open with playback engine HD Driver, and have the audio midi setup using the same hardware for you using listen Spotify, Soundminer, iTunes, etc...
Is that it?

Or you're using the Pro tools aggregate device where the HD Driver is there and in the Pro tools you can select that aggregate device and use all those app at the same time?

(I never ever used the Avid core audio, I always used a digital cable from my mac pro to my optical spdif in of my Interface, and I can have Pro tools open, and all the other 3rd party apps at the same time. And even with PT Closed, HD omni have a offline mixer where you can route spdif to you main Monitor and Headphones)

Check Image

But yet, it nice that Avid is doing this tweaks to the new driver.
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