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Default Re: xw8400 w. protools 7.3 HDII still bad

Hi Brandonx1,
thanks for the tip... because I used a lacie big extreme (which is raid0) with protools I guess it didn't occur to me that the bios controlled raid on the computer would be a no no. Anyway, I disabled it and now have the separate disks, and also tried external firewire disks...

However the main problem is still unsolved... Protools is running SLOW SLOW the meters move every once in a while and the counter is, well, not really counting... all the while the system usage window shows hardly any system usage!! And then protools sometimes says something like 'couldn't get audio of the drive fast enough... yet the drive is hardly active (I'm playing back 20 - 30 tracks of audio, hw buffer 256k) It doesn't change if I increase the HW buffer and I don't wanna do it cause it messes up the automatic latency compensation...

I have a mac pro with almost the same hardware as the HP xw8400 (2 X dual xeon 2.66) and protools runs totallly smoothly. I can not believe that it is just windows causin protools to be almost unusable... but rather that I have overlooked something... the bios doesn't really have options mentioned in the manual (pci bursting, hyperthreading etc...)

Anybody? Help is really appreciated...

Kind regards,
This sounds like you have something incorrectly configured. Are you sure everything is installed in the correct order. Read and re-read the installation stuff for your rig. Also, shot digi tech support a call. Tell them how you installed your equipment. where you place your PCI cards is very important. Also, you put your cards in a Mac pro or you have another PT HD rig in a mac pro? You know PCI-E HD cards are not supported on xp yet. If you're trying to use PCI-E cards in the xw8400 it's a miracle you're passing audio at all. Hope you get it worked out.
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