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Default Re: Catalina on Mac Pro 5,1

Originally Posted by View Post
Has anyone tried it?

Clearly we're entering hackintosh territory here so nothing will be supported BUT I'm interested to see if it works.

I'm kinda liking the look of Pro Tools 2020 but don't want to shell out for a new computer right now.

There's a patcher by DosDude1 that makes it pretty straight forward.

ProTools 2020 should still work under OS 10.14,x
Or did I miss something?
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APFS 90% 10% Audio on Both.

Pro Tools U-2020.5 macOS 10.14.6 APFS
Second boot-macOS 10.13.6 (Avid HDX-1 Omni)

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(Sapphire RX-580 MVC-Edition-dual mini 6 pin. one spliced to add Avid mini 4 pin-hdx)
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