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Default 6086 error powerbook 1.6 2gb ram. ONE trk, 0 plugs

using a 002 rack,
i'm running pro tools 6.9.2 in OSX 1.4.3. 0 plugins, 1 track. powerbook 1.67, lacie external 250gb drive or internal drive.

both give me 6086 errors instantly. i can't record at all.

i downgraded from 7.0 since i was having buffer underrun/overrun errors there too, fewer, but they were there. think its a hardware issue? gonna call digi support for rma tomorrow, see what they say... had same probs with the same 002 unit on a dell laptop, so im thinking its a hardware problem... i put up with the errors on the dell and fewer errors on 7.0 til i got the powerbook to fix the issues, and now they're worse. its GOTTA be hardware. grrr. this has been MONTHS OF PROTOOLS HELL. i give up trying this and that in software- tried it all and nothing could cause this much instability in software across 2 platforms and 2 versions.

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