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Default Re: Drawn MIDI note length only staccato notes, regardless of note length

Originally Posted by kingofallwookies View Post
I am drawing MIDI notes into an instrument track in PT 11.1.2 and no mater how long I draw the note duration, my MIDI meter peaks, then recedes.

I am using the track to ReWire into the most current version of Reason, which is similarly reading only a staccato blast, then the "NOTE ON" light on the selected instrument disappears.

So - How to I get PT11 to read and send a correct note length value from the note I've drawn.

Thank you!!
Try something simple first - instead of rewiring into Reason insert a regular vi on the Instrument track - say one of the stock Avid ones but not a drum vi. Pick a sound that sustains. Then start drawing in your MIDI notes on the Instrument track and see what happens. That will at least tell you your technique and system are working.

For future help: please include info about your system when posting questions (computer, operating system, etc.) as this will help in diagnosing things.
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