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Default Re: help (002) - Input Gain ?!

I always keep a mixer of some kind handy ..sometimes a little mackie and sometimes my DA7 digital console and then would just use the line in inputs or optical inputs of the 001. That way I could trim before it hit the 001.

I don't know the octapre..isn't there a way to trim pad level there and then use line-in into 002?
Good call on the board bryanbassett. I thought about that and checked the only "mixer" i have available (crappy peavy unity series) has no pads/trims either. It would def be a PITA to have to go purchase a mackie or similar peice of gear just to pad 2 or 3 mic' signals during drum tracking.

And no the Octopre has no trim for its 8 outputs. Unless i'm just a complete idiot and cant see them/know about them. In hine sight I should of purchased the Presonus DIGIMAX (with sweet trims).

I have this 002 sitting here and all I'm thinking is how I miss the -26 DB pads from the 001's inputs 1 and 2 ...

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