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Default help (002) - Input Gain ?!

Hey guys ... havent been posted in a while But i'm in need of some help.

I just got my 002 (upgrade from 001) and i'm having troubles with hot mic signals coming in to my 002 clipping ( ie- kick drum , snare drum). The mics are going to my octopre and then to the 002's inputs , but even with my mic pres down all the way the signal is much to hot (way over 0)coming in . With the 001 if I had this problem I would go change in the "hardware" settings and use the software "mixer" to adjust my input gains for said loud channels. Now the problem is where can you do the same adjustments on the 002 !? Is it in PT ? ... Does it have to be done on the 002 unit internally ? Cause I cant find the options anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated very much !


BTW - Running version 5.3.2 (came with 002) ....

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