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Default Re: new user, i seriously HATE this company

Originally Posted by epignosis567 View Post
...I purchased pro tools and was told it would work with my tascam interface. it did not. And this crappy program just crashed every time I tried to open and close the demo session.

So then I am told, no whoever said it would work with your tascam interface (that literally EVERYTHING else works with perfectly) but whoever told you that was wrong. You need to purchase an Mbox, it will work perfectly then. .
It really should work with any ASIO interface. I'd have a talk with the dealer's manager and demand that they take the Mbox back with a full refund and get it working with your interface or give you your money back.

You should be furious but with the dealer as opposed to Avid. They screwed you over instead of providing the support they got paid to give you.
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