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Default Re: Resurrecting Mbox PT LE (Win XP)

Originally Posted by The Weed View Post
Unfortunately, Focusrite's Windows drivers are hit and miss. Take a look at Steinberg or Mackie or others and see if they have enough I/O for you. Check Sweetwater and others and audio magazines for reviews only as I know you're in Oz.
Thanks Weed mate.
I like the Focusrite range but if they have issues with Windows drivers, I may put the purchase of the 6i6 on hold until I have looked into other options.

I prefer the Pro Tools format because I am familiar with how it works and its abilities. Also, a few of my musical friends use Pro Tools and we sometimes throw files back and forth for feedback and experimentation. I plan to buy two interfaces - one for the student's new recording studio at the school and one for my own use.

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