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Default Re: Long-Time PTLE 7/Digi002 user - upgrade time?

Originally Posted by Rick Powell View Post

1. Worth salvaging my rackmount? Other than more RAM, would it work OK with current PT? What kind of card would I need, to replace the firewire input I am using now?My opinion; don't spend a dime on the old 920 rig. Grab some cheap RAM(2GB is way too little) and turn it into an internet and email machine
2. Best interface? I could spend $4k but looking for budget options that would still be an improvement. Something way better than 002 sound quality and latency wise. Ideally I'd like 16 inputs (could use 8 + ADAT with my PreSonus), headphone jack, SPDIF I/O (for my Alesis Masterlink), talkback would be nice. Could live with 12 inputs 4 + ADAT. I do have twelve Seventh Circle Audio mic pres so maybe I'd be better off with 16 inputs to get the most out of it.Plenty of great interfaces between $700 and $2K. Focusrite, Presonus, Antelope and RME come to mind(RME probably has the best drivers of all)
3. Digi 002 has MIDI input. Most current devices don't. is a MIDI to USB the way most everyone goes? I use a lot of MIDI tracks.If your new interface doesn't have midi, USB-midi is easy and pretty cheap. I've had great success with the MOTU FastLane USB 2x2. I also absolutely hate the iConnect products
4. Best version of PT for this adventure? and go right to the latest versions of everything. Getting all your plugins up to date will be a pain, but once done, save a drive image and enjoy all the features you've been missing for the last 14 years

More stuff to think about:
A little extra money on the PC can add Thunderbolt for more and better interface options
Firewire is mostly obsolete, making USB3, USB-c and Thunderbolt better options.
With all your preamps, you could consider some interfaces that are mostly(or all) Line inputs
The old 920 is a slug compared to current computers(I ran one for years and know it well)
For talkback, either get a monitor/source switcher(Audient NERO, Presonus Monitor Station?) or do what I did and automate the entire process. I put 3 mono AUX tracks in all my session templates. Those were fed by 3 mics(1 on my desk, 1 in the drum room and 1 in the main room). Each track had a limiter and a free plugin from Sound Radix called Mute-o-matic with sends to each headphone mix. When transport was stopped, everybody could talk freely. When transport rolled(for recording or for playback) all 3 mics were muted.
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