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Default Re: Capture Video with multiple audio?

Thanks for the reply, can I just clarify which of the 2 answers you're giving me:

1) You can use Pro Tools as a mixer with Screenflow (as if you were using an external hardware mixing desk) and record as many instruments you have plugged into Pro Tools as a bounced completed video file. The audio levels of individual tracks can not be adjusted afterwards.

2) You can capture Video on Screenflow, and the audio within Pro tools and it's all synced up together? When you push the record button, both Pro Tools and Screenflow start recording at the exact same time, totally aligned video and audio? You can then adjust the volumes of individual tracks etc (post recording), before committing to a final bounced down video file?

Multiple audio tracks can be recorded with QT7 pro by selecting 'native device' in preferences and then you can export audio afterwards as individual tracks into pro tools. I was hoping that in the last 25 years someone else might have come up with a program that can do multiple audio and video.....
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