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Default Re: Out of curiosity: why L ' P ; instead of arrow keys?

Originally Posted by jscomposer View Post
I wasn't even trying to do that. Just stumbled on it in the shortcuts guide. The right/left arrows shift the edit window so that the cursor is in the center.

But the arrow keys don't navigate edits and selections except for putting the cursor at the end or beginning of a selection. And even that's counterintuitive with up = end, down = start. It'd make more sense (to me) for it to be right = end, left = start. And then right & left arrow keys would also move the cursor to the next or previous clip boundary or transient. Up and down arrows would move the cursor up and down tracks. ";" could center the window on the rare occasion that's necessary. And as I've mentioned before, tab to transients ought to be a mod key, not some latching switch, so we could tab to transients or clip boundaries on the fly. Option-shift-right/left currently does nothing, so that'd be a possibility should they ever allow basic navigation with the arrow keys.

I just don't understand why they buried navigation in qwerty while the arrow keys do next to nothing.
It's all about where your hand is resting for the workflow.

Put your hand in the [p ; l ' ] location, look what you have accessible:

Thumb: Play/Stop
Middle F: Up/Down, Edit Select to TL Selects
Index F: Previous, Start/End, Playhead Snaps, TL/TC playhead selects
Ring F: Play Edit Sel, Play TL Sel

and then if you use Keyboard Maestro or similar, you can make [ \ ] your expand view toggle for you pinky finger.

It's perfect.

It just means you can do all of these edit and navigation functions without moving your hand.

If you use your [Shift] modifiers with the arrow keys you can select clips on the timeline. *Deselect your Edit/Timeline link, then arrow keys make more sense.
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