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Default Re: Out of curiosity: why L ' P ; instead of arrow keys?

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
I don't quite get what you're trying to do. Centering the window? Please explain.
I wasn't even trying to do that. Just stumbled on it in the shortcuts guide. The right/left arrows shift the edit window so that the cursor is in the center.

Originally Posted by TrentWilliams View Post
Use the arrow keys for navigating edits, and selections.

The [P, :, L, "] keys navigate the edit window.

*It makes more sense when you have 'edit and timeline' unlinked, then the '[, ], o, 0' keys are more easily accessible.
But the arrow keys don't navigate edits and selections except for putting the cursor at the end or beginning of a selection. And even that's counterintuitive with up = end, down = start. It'd make more sense (to me) for it to be right = end, left = start. And then right & left arrow keys would also move the cursor to the next or previous clip boundary or transient. Up and down arrows would move the cursor up and down tracks. ";" could center the window on the rare occasion that's necessary. And as I've mentioned before, tab to transients ought to be a mod key, not some latching switch, so we could tab to transients or clip boundaries on the fly. Option-shift-right/left currently does nothing, so that'd be a possibility should they ever allow basic navigation with the arrow keys.

I just don't understand why they buried navigation in qwerty while the arrow keys do next to nothing.
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