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Default Re: Latency issues with Mac mini

Originally Posted by lucidlife View Post
Hey Darrell thanks for your reply. I am actually muting the record track in console when I am input monitoring through pro tools. Reason being is that I have plugins that I don't have for UAD, so when recording the artist he/she can hear those effects applied.

But it seems like I may just have to buy a few plugins from UAD and monitor through console, since the latency issue is non existent. I was thinking about getting another interface and testing that out to see if it's the apollo causing the issues.

Thanks again.
The Apollo is not causing any issues, to put it bluntly, the "issues" here are just you needing to understand what is going on.

You don't need to use a different interface to test anything. All this *will* make sense if you work though what is going on. As Sardi points out, now that you have told us you are software monitoring though plugins... that plugin latency in Pro Tools is an obvious suspect... so what is the exact expected latency of the plugin(s) (at your sample rate,... the vendor should clearly document this). As I suggested before just measure what is going on... and see if it makes sense. You have a DAW in front of you that can measure delays to very high precision by recording the input and monitor return to another track.

If you don't need to use the very specific Pro Tools plugins then yes use a UAD plugin. But be careful, not all UAD plugins are low/no latency, you have to understand that, all well documented in the UAD software documentation.

Again, understand and calculate what delay is expected and measure. Then you will really know you have this understood.
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