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Default Re: Focusrite 18i8, iMac High Sierra, Midi keyboard

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Doesn’t the Focusrite Interface have midi in and out? If so just get 2 cheap 5 dollar midi cables and connect to the keyboard and if it doesn’t have midi in and out and you dont have USB Midi on the yamaha you need 2 cheap 5 dollar midi cables.

Does it look like this on the back?
Yes, the back of the Focusrite Scarlett does have the 5 pin DIN connectors for midi in and out.

However, the Yamaha P-105 has a USB type B connector.!b-type

The cable I have is USB type B to USB type A, similar to this:

I have looked around for a USB to MIDI 5 pin DIN adapter without any luck.

The Yamaha P-105 does have auxiliary output, but that would not be MIDI.
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