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Default Re: Latency issues with Mac mini

What exactly is the “latency issue” you are having? Describe it And exactly what you are doing as best you can

What exact headphones? What tracks are you listening to while you record? “Sounds doubled” as in doubled with bleed through through open backed headphones? Or doubled like it sounds like two monitor signals in addition to any headphone bleed through (or in-head) sound?

If it is really latency then you should do some simple troubleshooting. What exactly is the latency you are hearing and how does that compare to the expected latency through The interface converters and Pro Tools IO buffer? Actually record (With no monitor/output path from that track) the mic and headphone output to another track and measure the latency at different buffer sizes.

But maybe most importantly telling us you have muted signals in console *and* selected cue mix is a little worrying. Telling us you have selected cue mix makes it seem like you might want to monitor through the console.... but we have no idea what you have set up to drive that cue. How about describing from one end to the other what exactly you are trying to do. What exactly are you trying to do... monitor through Pro Tools or the UAD console? If latency is really a problem then I would expect you to be monitoring through the console. If you are really hearing doubled signals (in addition to bleed through/in-head) then the first suspect should be you have monitoring improperly configured through both Pro Tools and the console.

Pick one and get it working. E.g. start with the console with no Pro Tools running and get monitoring working perfectly. Then and only then start Pro Tools and disable any software monitoring if needed.
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