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Default Re: Pro Tools HD-HD Accel pci 10,3 - Windows 7 computer

Originally Posted by Raoul23 View Post
Not many boards out there with 4 PCI slots in a row. There is a jetway board that users have been successfull with.

I have a whole i7 rig and magma chassis what will house 7 Pro Tools Cards and work with this PC fine.

Where abouts are you if you were interested i could ship to you
As described on building Hackintosh threads , there are many mainboards
with 3-4 pci slots hacked for OSX installations ,

it is so f…. strange that no 1 thread about building a DAW issues free
for windows 7 and 3-4 pci slots mainboards ,

Xeon or i5 , i7 cpu based .
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