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Default Re: RTAS and AAX Native question

AAX is the new plug-in format, for the next generation of Pro Tools. It is 64-bit capable, and some developers have eluded to their being some more goodies they can play with once Pro Tools finally goes 64-bit.

Also Avid has designed the AAX format to be able to share code between DSP and Native based system. That's not to say it's exactly the same, but it is similar. Where previously DSP based plug-ins (TDM) used assembly language, and Native based plug-ins (RTAS) used C++. Or at least I think RTAS used C++. I know TDM used assembly language.

And as far as Waves goes, they will support AAX native. They are not doing AAX DSP. I have a feeling we won't see Waves AAX Native until right around, if not after, Pro Tools 64-bit launch.
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