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Default Re: g5 boot problem...

Try Safe-Boot (Bypasses extensions) (Hold Shift Key during a cold boot) If you can and repair permissions or if it still wont boot, boot from a BU drive or the Leopard DVD, Repair Permissions / Check Drive from that disk's disk utility.

If you own Cocktail (Or similar)rebuild Pre-bindings, Rotate log files.

I noticed you mentioned 7 Gb ram (7mb type-o) All ram needs to be in matched pairs and same type and speed.

Also I have a 2.3 dual G65 that had an AIT video card for what ever reason I needed new drivers when I moved into Leopard.

Also important that any Permissions repairing needs to done with Leopard Disk utilities.
Do not Mix any Non Leopard utilities from tiger. It will make matters worse and visa versa.
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