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Default Re: Corrupt Pro Tools 8 ZIP File

Originally Posted by jason13ie View Post
I have just finished my third attempt at downloading the upgrade to protools 8 and each time when i try to unZip the file there are at least 7 corrupt files.

I have used WinRar, 7Zip and the Vista zip tool all to no avail. I even tried repairing the archives with AZR.

Has anyone else had this problem???
Yes. Sunburst had this problem but was able to resolve it. I dont know exactly what he did but hopefully he'll see this and chime in. Here is a quote from him from another discussion:

The solution in my case was something like this. The original Zip file that was downloaded with the Digidesign Downloader was marked "read only" for some reason and although I unchecked it and attempted to run the regular Windows Extraction Wizard I got the corrupt file error several times.

After I rebooted the machine the next day it extracted just fine. (Go figure)

I would be curious if anyones elses troublesome extraction/corrupt error was marked "read only".

I'm frankly curious if the error in my case was due to the buisness version of Vista shipping in a more locked down state than Vista Home.

At any rate its up and running here.
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