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Default MIDI editor zoom

Since I've moved to PT 2019.6 I've had a problem with the MIDI editor and the zoom that comes up by default. When I first did some editing in the MIDI editor window things were zoomed way out both vertically and horizontally. So I zoomed in horizontally no problem using the +/- keys in the lower right of the window. I then figured out how to do the vertical zoom for the upper window where the notes are. This last bit is something I never had to do in PT11.3.2 but such is life. Went about matters for that session.

Then today while working on another session I had to do some editing in the MIDI editor window. The zoom levels I set in the above mentioned session were not used and once again everything was squished both vertically & horizontally. Is there a preference setting I'm missing? For the most part preferences I had set in PT11.3.2 were carried over but this one - not so much. Tried looking in the manual but it's not all that clear. Also tried looking online and using the Google site operator to search the DUC and found nothing that would help.

PT 2019.6
OSX 10.12.6

Is the zoom setting in the MIDI editor global or per session? IOW set it once and every session from now until eternity has that same zoom set in the MIDI editor?
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