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Default M-audio keystation 49e

I really needed a fair midi-controller to get some recording going because I do not have alot of cash and instruments and mic's are expensive. So I baught the M-audio Keystation 49e. I just want to tell you my experience with it: I think it's the most sack of crap I've ever bought! Plug n' play my ass! I've had constant figts to get to work in pro tools and one day after 2 hours of trying to get it to appear and the next day it's gone again. I've also been using it for reason 3 and had a tiny bit more luck getting it to work there but still if it's unplugged for a sec and I re-connect it it takes a struggle to get it to work again. And finally I find the velocity sensitivity beeing just weird... It's increadible where the mark between a "fast" press and a "slow" press is.

Please excuse my english...
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