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Exclamation Really need help!!

Hi, my name is Leandro and I'm writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a big problem and I hope you can solve it.

A friend of mine, bought to a Brooklyn's audio store an Mbox 3 Mini, and when I received it (I'm in Argentina) it didn't work. I took it to the official Avid support here in Argentina, called SVC, and they told me the interface was "factory failed", that means, it was damaged from factory. I really need to solve this, so I would like to know what can we do. Of course I have all the original packaging and the product haven't been registered. People from Avid Argentina told me that Avid USA should solve this situation but I don't know how to contact them (no email or anything, as most of you may know).

Hope to hear from you soon and get all this solved,


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