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Default MP3 Option-Demo Expired-No option for aut. code

Hey guys,

This problem seems to be well documented on the Digidesign page but i still can't get it fixed...

When i try to bounce a disk to mp3 the "MP3 demo expired..." (never used it.. did't even know i had it) So i go to the digistore and get the authorization code and the option for imputing the code does not come up.

I did everything the Digi page says: deleted the mentioned files... did the PACE thing... reinstalled the MP3 Coded Update... everything... about five times... and it is still a no go... that's not cool...

Has anybody else had this problem...

By the way.. i'm using an Intel based MacBook Pro... hope that doesn't have anything to do with it... all do it normally does...
MacBook Pro 2Ghz Intel Core Duo
1.5 GB
Mbox 2
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