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Default Re: Audio Record or Playback Volume Error Info

I'm starting my second email request to tech....see below...

Audio Card: Digi 002 Rack
Audio Interface: Digi 002 Rack
Digidesign Software: Pro Tools LE
Version: 6.9
Computer Model and Speed: iBook 14" 1.07G
RAM: 1.25G
Operating System: OS10.3.8

Please give a concise description of the problem:

...this was the email reply from Digi this morning....

You should be able to go the Windows > Show Workspace Window and toggle
your external drive to R for record. It you can not set the drive to a
record volume it sounds like you need to trash the Digidesign Databases
folders on the root of all mounted volumes and run the Apple Disk Utility
and run repair disk permissions on your system drive.

Best regards,
Digidesign Technical Support

...this is the previous tsr I filed this past weekend....

Please give a concise description of the problem:
I transferred all OS and program data via firewire on startup with my new
iBook. This system transfer came from my 12" Powerbook, which was (and
still is) working with ProTools without incident. I use a Lacie 160G
Firewire drive with 8Mg buffer. When I tried to use ProTools from my new
iBook, it did not recognize either of my drives (internal or firewire) as
audio capable. I followed the thread on the DUC this weekend, and executed
all of the Digi-suggested fixes, with no success. As mentioned above, I am
still able to plug in my 12' PBook and work on my current PT projects. I
am hoping you my have more suggestions to help alleviate this frustrating
problem. I did also have to enter the "challenge-response" codes for DiFi
and Maxim on the new computer before getting to the drive issue. I did
progress from 6.4 to 6.7 (purchased) to 6.9. As mentioned, the
"mirror-image" computer (my 12" PBook) still works flawlessly within my
setup. Hope to hear from you soon.

Actions required to reproduce the problem:
Just trying to use the 14' iBook in my system. I can go back to my 12"
Powerbook without incident.

Troubleshooting already attempted:
All the Digi-suggested procedures on the DUC post: changing (or attempting
to) the drive functions (to Record) in the Workspace,verifying
permissions, repairing drives, reformatting drives, re-installing PT 6.9,

Actions required to reproduce the problem:

Troubleshooting already attempted:
I just tried the above procedure (trash databases/verified permissions) and the
audio drive recognition restriction is still there...losing business...please
help. Thanks.
15" Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
16G Memory
PT 10.3.11/ 12.5.2
003 Rack
OSX 10.8.5