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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

Originally Posted by off the wall View Post
I assume you mean 10.12.6 not 10.2.6.

Application Manager was replaced by Avid Link awhile ago. Application Manager will not show the 2019.5 update.

Log into your Avid account and download the 2019.5 installer. It will also replace Application Manager with Avid Link.

Id also suggest you update to 10.13.6. It runs a lot better than 10.12 imo.

If you have the proper Apple approved video card, you can go to Mojave. Mojave/PT 2019.5 is the best combo Ive had on my 5,1 in many years.
My test does not confirm that. I can run more plugins with 2019.5/Sierra than 2019.5/Mojave combination.
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