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Default Possible configurations to *get* to 192khz

I have a client I'm working with that insists they want a ton of channels at 192khz for HD.

I know this isn't cost effective, and is not easy to get to, but nonetheless, it is what they want.

If they were to get the control 24, and the 192 I/O - could all of control 24's analog outs(16) via
the pin connector be put into the 192 I/O? The 192 I/O stock configuration looks like it only supports 8 in
via the 25 pin connector. I assume they could buy an expansion card, and thus have 16 in to the 192 I/O running at 192 khz?

What would be some easier, other ways to get more channels of 192 - obviously buy another 192 I/O and find other 8 channel anlog preamps to come in to it.

Has anyone 'had' to make a setup like this?

The client wants around 32 channels + of 192 (which I think is going to be pretttty expensive in the end).

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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