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Originally Posted by kirkbross View Post
Isn't AVID (and all large comapnies) supposed to get beta versions of new OS releases before the come out so they can get a jump on getting their products in line? Mojave has been out for 4 months now. I have a new Mac Mini that came with Mojave and I don't want to nuke a factory install to put an older OS on which might itself have hardware conflicts.

Pro Tools does run, but with the exact CPU issues they warn against, but for me it's at all buffer sizes.
the problem with beta versions are just that they are beta versions.... are you seriously saying a company is/going to/should be forced to spend prolly precious R&D funds on a beta that may or may not change over time? Wow that would be a big call...... here's the road map on what we plan to do but it may change down the road.... pretty good way of raising that annual subscription.
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