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Default Re: C'mon Man!!!! (Pro Tools and Hyperthreading)

Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Is there some sort of apple police coming to water board you for hackintosh? Haha.
No police but you could in theory
see someone serving a subpoena

Probably not likely (unless you try to go into business selling Hackentosh's with Apple OS loaded ).. but even for personal use it is technically a breach of contract and would definitely allow Apple to bring lawsuit if they chose to do so.

Violating a contract like a EULA would usually be considered a civil breach of contract not a criminal act. (usually)

That said: in the only case law I found. Apple was able to successfully get a permanent injunction against Psystar form selling Hackentosh'es with OS loaded And in the ruling the court also found copyright infringement because Apple has three registered copyrights on it's OS. And Psystar was illegally copying and distributing said copies of the OS

here is the actual court ruling m/g00/3_c-3ccc.itkz.ius_/c-3SUXKVNKAY76x24nzzvx3ax2fx2fccc.mx78uqrgc.tkzx2fvj l8x2fVyeyzgx78-870.vjl_$/$/$?
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