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Originally Posted by Ryan Young View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, the only difference is that all tracks need to be visible for the layouts to work correctly? With ICON controllers, you can have faders for tracks that are hidden in the edit/mix window. Aside from that, I love the functionality of it! It helps a ton for big mixes and for ADR workflows.
Haven't checked that yet.

I did say it was reminiscent of the D-Control, not a direct replacement. I think the big difference is in how long it takes to program layouts. Once you got used to the way ICON logic worked, creating and editing Custom Fader Layouts was pretty fast. Divide the console back into 16/16, highlight a channel, make changes, put the console back into 32, resume work. With EUCON, ehh, not so much. Have to shift applications, mouse around a bunch, and any faders you want to be dead you have to specify. I have found myself using a layout that I should have modified simply because I couldn't be bothered to open EUCON and go through the motions. Still way better than it was, though.

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