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Lightbulb Using the Free Pro Tools Virtual Instruments

Part 1 in a series on

Pro Tools 11 Virtual Instruments Included for Music Creation and Audio Production
By Andrew Wild on August 2, 2014
Pro Tools | Software and Pro Tools | HD Software comes bundled with a wide selection of 64-bit AAX Native and DSP plug-ins, including virtual instruments, effects, sound processing, and utilities designed by Avid and AIR. While some of you may have checked them all out, I would guess that the majority of Pro Tools 11 customers have only used a couple of the plug-ins available.

This is the first in a series of articles on Avid Blogs designed to demonstrate how these plug-ins can be used to create inspiring music and great sounding audio for picture. I’ll be highlighting available ‘how to’ resources on YouTube and the Internet. Most of the videos come from Pro Tools Expert, so a special thanks to Russ, Mike and the Pro Tools Expert team for creating such a wealth of informative videos. Let’s get started with Pro Tools 11 virtual instruments...Read more

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