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Default Re: Synth sound design guys. Making this sine wave pluck.

Originally Posted by filosofem View Post
The second sound (50 sec) is a classic riser, sample libraries like Loopmasters offer an expansive collection of wav or aiff files designed just for risers.

The first sound sounds like a layered two tone percussive hit that can pitch with a long decay. If you have a drum machine you want the first transient with the fast envelope attack to be your first layer (tone) and then you need a second sound with a longish envelope decay to be triggered at the same time with a slower attack, this is your second layer (tone). If this doesn't make sense, search Loopmasters for a sound that is close to want you want.
Was just ballparking it at 50 seconds to a spot where I knew the pluck was playing. I was talking about the same pluck in both songs not the riser. Just giving multiple examples. Ill give your second paragraph advice a shot though thanks. And yes it makes sense. Didnt even think to try making it like that. Opened up a whole different page of ideas I can try now.
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