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Default ProTools 7.3 + Midi Server won\'t launch.

Hi all,

Here is my problem.

I installed the protools 7.3 version after formating OSX 10.4.8 and when i try to run protools the program crashes and asks if i want to send a report to apple or to reopen.
- In the preferences i click on the Mbox2 panel and it connects normaly to the card.
- I try to run AudioMidi Setup from the utilities and when i go to the Midi Devices panel, i get the message "Unable to launch MidiServer" but at the audio devices tab i have my mbox2 working normaly.
- I try to launch the 'Protools 7.3 with latest upgrade' and i get the message 'The application quit unexpectedly'.
-I launched Garageband and tried to write-play audio from it and the card worked perfectly.
-I did everything that is written in the troubleshooting guide in this forum and i'm out of ideas about fixing this problem.

As much as i understood from the manuals and guides, prootools don't use the coreaudio driver to work with the Mbox2.

I cant find out where this conflict is happening.

Please anybody, help!!!
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ProTools 7.3
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