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Default Re: 002r and hearback system

Here's how I have it set up...

Digi 002R
Digimax LT Preamp
Behringer 4-Channel Headphone Amp

On the back of the 002R, I have one set of monitor outputs feeding my Genelecs, the other set of redundant monitor outputs I have feeding the main input of my monitor amp. This way, all the headphone mixes get the full monitor mix.

Inside each PT Session, I have four master fader tracks routed to 4 of the analog outputs on the rear of the 002R. In my case it's Analog 3,4,7 & 8. Each of the outputs on the 002R is routed to channels 1-4, respectively on my headphone amp. This completes the physical connections.

Back inside the PT session file, any track that I would like to route to a headphone output, I set up as a send, routing it to any of the Analog Outputs. So on any given track, I may have up to four sends for each of my headphone mixes. The only problem that I find with this, is that in PT 6.x, it only leaves one send left for other uses. PT 7.x gets around this by adding the 5 additional sends.

This configuration allows for the full mix through the headphones, and a little bit of the 'more me' as well. I credit Chris from ('IntelDoc' here on the DUC) for his works great.

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