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Default Re: set automation point at exactly zero

Originally Posted by mesaone View Post
After rolling this over in my mind, I think it would be neat to have an automation event list (similar to the MIDI event list already in PT). That way, time and value of each automation breakpoint could be edited. Maybe even exported as CSV or other text-based format, if there's a need for it.. Imagine a world where moving automation between DAWs can be done without an AAF file.

I'll search IdeaScale to see if this is already requested. If not, I might enter it myself.
Please do. I would like a way to enter a numerical value for EXACTLY where to place an automation change -- time and value.

If you provide a link to the Ideascale posting here, we can all make sure we vote up the right listing.

If you don't have time, lemme know and I'll do it.
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