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Default Re: VEPro 7 is now out

Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
No problems with Kontakt 5 or 6 here in W10 Pro. I did on the first build have an issue with VEP not recognising UVI Workstation, but that seems to be resolved in Friday's build.

If its only an issue in VEP7 re Kontakt, definitely try VSL support too, they seem very on the case at the moment. NI are notoriously slow to support.
I am in touch with VSL support and they suggested getting in touch with NI support. And like I said NI changed their support system. This might just be a Mac only issue.

What's amazing is the VSL Paul said they had a robust beta test period and there shouldn't be issues. I replied back to him on their forum that there may well be issues due to the variety of systems out there but there was no reply back from him on that.

I'm working on getting a refund because not only this issue with Kontakt 5 but also the loss of 32 bit support on Macs. Windows people are lucky with this.
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