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Default Re: Please recommend a replacement for 17" MacBook Pro

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
To be clear why I was pointing that out... the dock connects iLocks, some old SATA USB and FireWire drives at times.... and it provides powers back to the MBP. And I chain a 5K LG monitor off that. Leaving three other Thunderbolt ports on the MBP for things like like Thunderbolt interfaces and Samsung X5 SSD drives.
Darryl, your perspective is always insightful, sharp, and spot on. I was unaware regarding partitioning SSD drives. I LIKE the speed of the two SSD’s on my MacBook Pro. Your comments are enticing to say the least. And I’ve come across a number of bus powered thunderbolt 3 external ssd’s that claim to rival mac’s new internal ssds performance-wise. So perhaps a 512, or 1 tb internal would suffice? The OWC dock seems to be the way to go. But I’m also looking for simple bus powered docks that would allow multiple usb’s, considering the ilock and a keyboard for instance. I found one that caters to dual monitors. I guess there’s not the demand there once was for usb connectivity. My dreams of complete, untethered portability would include the Arrow, an external SSD, but what about the iLock?

I have a lacie ext SSD thunderbolt 1. PLUS there are a number of external devices floating around. Is thunderbolt 3 backwards compatible? The OWC has the port, but it’s mini display. Something tells me that it’s not backwards compatible. So an original Apollo with the thunderbolt 1 card for example, won’t work with the new macs. Or am I wrong?

By the way, news came out that Pro Tools is upping the annual fee. Trying to go the subscription route I guess...
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