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Default Re: VCA’s conversation starter

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
I had never thought of this. Can you elaborate a bit on how you would use that? Thanks.
I mixed a TV series where a compressed dialog sound was part of the style of the show. But when actors would talk softly or whisper, I'd raise their level as needed, but they would be more dynamic overall, since I was raising their level post compressor insert. At the time, I didn't have bus compressors on my dialog stem, so the only way to make this work was to raise the level and lower the compressor threshold. I've love to have a moveable flag on the insert chain on a track in Pro Tools that indicates where the fader is, so you can place it where you want it. I've subsequently upgraded my template to include some compression on the dialog bus as needed. But I do this with a light touch.

Once worked with a mixer who only used vca's to mix. So all the foley tracks had the same fader automation, even when asked to adjust one sound he would use the vca. Find that to be lazy mixing.
The modern workflow in that situation is to spill that VCA and then ride the individual fader. But if there's only one sound playing, using the VCA without spilling is a totally legit way to mix.
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