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Default Re: Project Mix i/o lost connection with PT MP9

The PM is in PT mode and i'm always careful not to hot-patch.

In PT under Setup>Peripherals>MIDI Controllers,
"Type, Receive from, Send to and # of Channels" all have "none" in their boxes.

"Receive from, Send to and # of Channels" are greyed out.

Neither "Type, Receive from, Send to, or # of Channels" will allow me to select or change options.

Shouldn't they be, HUI under 'Type' PM Control under 'Receive from and Send to' and 8 under '# of Channels' ?

Under Setup>Hardware Setup, Projectmix is showing as Peripheral.

The Hardware Setup window has the words, "Hardware controls for this Peripheral are handled in it's Setup Application" with an option to Launch Setup App below?

3, Do i need to Launch setup App?

Thanks again
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