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Default Re: Automatic record monitor muting

Originally Posted by BlackHelicopter View Post
Agreed, has this ever been incorporated? I'm in the same boat as the OP!!
Beyond dredging up a very old thread, consider a few things:
1-PT is as capable as any DAW in creating music. If it doesn't WORK they way you want it to, then its not the best DAW for you to work on.
2-What experience level are you at? If you are fairly new to all this stuff, keeping things simple allows you to concentrate on music more, and technical stuff less(usually a good thing)
3-as for monitoring, there are many ways to work with this and simply creating headphone mixes within the session is easiest(assuming a robust system that will operate with low-enough latency). I have had no issues providing up to 5 separate headphone mixes with my current HD/Native rig or my previous non-HD system based around a DIGI003. This also entails knowing which plugins one needs to leave inactive while tracking(some plugins have no latency, others may have a thousand samples or more, making them impossible to track with). Again, that's part of the learning curve. While I make music "in the box", I know studios that use analog consoles in their setups, you HOW the console is interfaced can make a difference(example; one place uses the channel strips of their Trident as hardware inserts on the tracks in Pro Tools).
4-be willing to learn new ways of working
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