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Default Re: Using VEP6 with two Macs to offload CPU ??

Originally Posted by Marsdy View Post
Bit late to this but I think you need to ask if this actually worth doing. The MacBook Pro is VERY under-specíd for running as a VE Pro server. I tried using a 2013 MBP with 16GB RAM and a quad core i7. It ran out of CPU (and RAM) very quickly and the fans ran VERY loud. 8GB is tiny for most modern sample libraries and if your i5 doesnít have a SSD then thatís going to be another bottleneck.

Itís dependent on what libraries you intend using of course but if your template is going to be anything other than very small and undemanding of CPU and disk resources, you may well be disappointed with the results from your MBP.
The system drive in the MBP can be swapped out for an ssd if necessary. Also the optical drive should be able to be swapped out to an ssd. Unfortunately that model MBP can only take a max of 8 gig. With ssd's that should be plenty and a server really doesn't need a whole heck of a lot of horsepower.

I think it's doable if done right.
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