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Default Re: Eddie when are we going to get an update for the dock?

There is much more potential for the Dock that's for sure. Besides the bug fixing, I think the biggest feature addition will be the monitoring control. It will finish off what should have been working out-of-the-box. I think it was a miss-step at design time to ONLY make the monitor knob work with CERTAIN monitoring devices. It inadvertently made that part of the dock useless to a majority of the users. AVID realized this and is in the process of righting the ship.

Oh, I remember a time period on here where there was little to no support for the dock. Questions were going unanswered and the natives were getting restless. Eddie's changed that perception. I remember when there was nobody to complain to, let along get a response from AVID regarding the dock or what enhancements to expect.
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