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Default Re: mixing technique: sense of depth?

the method is thus:

lots of hard work to gain experience, a big board and lots of money to work with.

you'll never get the same sized mix out of a box as you will with a real board (i'm talking ssl, neve, api, etc) and of course good musicians in a really nice room with lots of good mics to begin the process.

i hate purely digital mixes, what, with plug-ins affecting phase relationships to name one of the problems. i've been doing a lot of work the past few months in a studio using a control 24 (a foreign surface to me) and after a while i seem to find myself wondering what i'm doing wrong till i take the project to my favorite mix studio in melbourne and pull it up on the ssl. quite often i'll dump to 2" for a mix as well. puts a smile on my face [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

my preferred method is to track on (analogue) tape, protool only when necessary and put it back on tape. ah, the tone...
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