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Default Re: mixing technique: sense of depth?


I read some really interesting articles recently at, and one of them addressed this. The author (Rip Rowan) suggested that a good way to get depth on mixes is to create depth WHEN recording--in other words, use multiple mics to define "space". He suggested two mics to create a stereo field, or a close and distant mic to create a sense of depth. He says that by doing that, you give yourself a lot of options at mixing time.

I've been trying this on an album project I'm working on. While of course sometimes I hear some phase issues, for the most part this tactic has done wonders for my depth of sound, especially electric and acoustic guitars. I got the best "huge" electric guitar sound I've ever recorded by close miking my cab (Sennheiser 421) and adding a second mic in omni mode (AT 4050) about 6 feet from the cab. Wow!

It seems that if you record with multiple mics in varied placements, you have a lot more depth and width to work with when the tracking is done. These are experiments, and I'm not a pro, so I expect to get ripped here...but... maybe try these ideas--they worked well for me.
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