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Default Re: mixing technique: sense of depth?


This is an interesting issue that you bring up... I think it the multi-dimensional thing you seek may have to do with the PT summing bus. When you have a multi-track mix, in the end all these tracks are summed to two. (obviously) From my studies about this very same issue... it seems as though the "Pros" achieve dimension by using analog gear, and an analog summing bus. In other words a high end analog mixing console.

Another important issue when it comes to adding dimension to your mix is the A-D converters. The 001 is a fine box, but using better A-D converters will help you find that dimension that you are looking for. I purchased the 8 channel RME ADI-8 Pro, and it has helped quite a bit. If you do a search on converters on the DUC you will find much info on this topic. Look into getting an external dedicated converter to improve your set up.

I have done a couple of full 24 track mixes with PTLE... and overall I am very happy. The PT software is really great. But when truly scrutinizing the final mix, I too find the sense of dimension missing. Everything sounds like it's on the same plane. Using the better converters has helped to remedy this problem.

I think it's important to realize that many of the Pro top notch recordings you hear went through some gigantic analog console, and high end analog outboard gear that cost many many thousands of dollars. So in this regard it is not a fair comparison: PTLE vs. Mutlti-Million Dollar Analog studio.

Finally, keep experimenting. Using really good mic pre's and mic's, and a good A-D converter, etc... Can go a LONG way to improving the overall recording.

Good Luck!
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