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Question Lateny Issue with PT8, 2009 mac Pro (OSX) and NI Plugins/Spectrasonic Plugins

Excuse my spelling "Latency"

My Problem is simple. I have a M-Audio Projectmix I/O and I'm having latency issues. I get popping and drop outs after only loading 5 virtual instrument tracks.

I'm using Spectrasonics Trilian and NI Komplete 6 for my main instrument plugins.

I was informed that I should be able to run the latency settings PT8 at between 128 to 256 samples.

Sample rate is only 48k(not sure if this can be increased)
24 bit depth

I have selected 7 of 8 processor cores in my playback settings as well.

I have a Mac Pro quad core @ 2.93
I upgraded to 6GB of 1066 ram
Nearly 4TB of dedicated hard drive space (OS drive, Session Drive, Plugin Drive)

What do I need to do to fix this? I recently upgraded from an Imac 24 and I'm not seeing any improvement in PT8.
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