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Default Slate urges against early odoption of new MacOS.

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Mine is a 5,1 2012 cheesegrater. So it's not a patched system.
Where I get conflicting info is in regards to ssd's. As we all know HS changes an ssd to APFS which is all well and okay. What I can't find concrete info on is with a dual boot system as my system ssd is split into OSX 10.10.5 and OSX 10.12.6. Most web pages I've found only deal with a single partition.

Before you cloned back the ML partition how was your system drive formatted - APFS or HFS? I'm under the impression that anything older than Sierra won't run on APFS. I've only ever cloned back and forth within HFS. I run Carbon Copy Cloner.

I know this is taking the thread a little OT but I want to get my ducks in a row before PT 2020 hits. If it ever does

If thatís your hesitation, then I can put your mind at rest. Upgrading a partition to APFS will do absolutely nothing to your other HFS partition. My studio computer has an SSD with two partitions - one with Sierra and one with High Sierra. No issues. Iíve also wiped that HS partition and installed Sierra on it. Again, no issues.

Itís the same as buying a new drive and having to format it from its existing FAT or NTFS to HFS etc. You can erase partitions and have different formats. There is no issue. This is exactly how Bootcamp works on a Mac. One drive, two partitions, two different file systems.

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